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Nexor’s virtual CISO (vCISO) service provides organisations with all the security management services they need to stay secure. A vCISO is the perfect solution if your organisation is not able to find or fund a full-time member of staff to fill the role.

Nexor’s service is subscription-based, with on-demand security advice that covers a broad range of topics. When working with our security consultants, your organisation will benefit from our years of expertise and knowledge of the latest developments in cyber security. We will guide your security improvement program with board-level expertise.

The goal of our vCISOs, as with all other services under our CyberShield Secure umbrella, is to ensure that your business is able to stay secure at the same time as meeting critical business goals. One benefit of this particular service is the impact that it can have across your organisation over a long period of time. Nexor’s vCISO will carry out ongoing risk assessments and analysis to ensure that your business is protected against the latest threats. We will also be able to put training procedures and processes in place to ensure that other members of your team have the knowledge they need to maintain security in their areas of responsibility.

Proactive approach to risk management and response

Nexor’s vCISO will take a proactive approach to risk and threat management. This means that we will continually assess and test your organisation’s ability to deal with the ever-changing threats that it will face as time goes on. Based on our assessment of your vulnerabilities and capabilities we will implement a threat management strategy that will mitigate the threats we have identified.

In the event that a security breach does occur, we will be able to help your organisation to respond swiftly and effectively, ensuring that the damage is minimal. The threat of a breach is exactly why we favour a proactive approach that is designed to close down the possibility of a breach before it occurs, by planning, in advance response processes.

Flexible service based on your organisational needs

The goal of Nexor’s CyberShield Secure services is to provide services that meet your organisational needs, whatever they may be. At the centre of the methodology there is also the conviction that security goals should not be achieved at the expense of business goals and vice versa. Therefore, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach with our vCISO service. It will be tailored to the needs of your organisation as they evolve over time.

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