Cyber security architecture is a business solution that mitigates the cyber security risks that threaten the business. It refers to the way that people, processes and technologies interact to ensure that risks and vulnerabilities do not result in problems for your organisation’s operations.

Nexor’s cyber security architecture solutions follow our CyberShield Secure® methodology, ensuring that an appropriate balance of technology and business process is used to mitigate security risks. The methodology enables Nexor’s security and solution architects to design and implement a solution that not only reduces the risks to your organisation, but also ensures successful business outcomes.

The National Cyber Security Centre’s architectural patterns are the default for Nexor’s consultants, in combination with our own SIXA® (Secure Information eXchange Architecture), which is a framework for secure interoperability.

Nexor uses SIXA® as a framework to mitigate the particular risks of any given network. We have developed the technology involved over years of work in the cyber security sector and continue to develop new, bespoke technology to meet the needs of our clients.


Information Exchange Requirements Service

Nexor’s Information Exchange Requirement Service (IERS) is designed to assess and improve your organisation’s information exchange processes. Its outcome is an actionable report highlighting vulnerabilities and our recommended mitigations. The overarching goal is to ensure that your information exchange processes do not put your business at risk. Our security architecture solutions incorporate our expertise with IERS to deliver security that works with your business goals, not against them.

Security architecture FAQs

Security architecture is a broad topic with many different facets. To find out more about whether or not our service is right for your organisation, read our answers to commonly asked questions below.

What is security architecture?

Security architecture is a broad, overarching process that is put in place to make the implementation of security solutions safer. It takes security risks and design mitigations into consideration through a combination of people, process and technology.

What is cloud security architecture?

Cloud security architecture is a specific combination of security controls tailored to the cloud. It is designed to protect the full suite of cloud infrastructure, including cloud-specific technologies, monitoring systems and business processes. The connected nature of the cloud brings unique threats and vulnerabilities, which is why a specialised approach is needed.

What is network security architecture?

Network security architecture is a network of connected systems which also requires a specific security architecture, in order to cope with the challenge of different access requirements and threats around the network. The risks that come with data moving into and out of networks are particularly important to address, but they need to be approached so as not to compromise everyday organisational activities.

What is information security architecture?

Information security architecture has a specific focus on where information is stored, how it is accessed and how it moves around between systems. It designs security controls to protect the information and ensure that it cannot be accessed by people or systems that do not have the correct permissions.

Nexor can work with any of these types of security architecture. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisation meet its security and business goals.



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