Secure Development Practices Assessment


Secure development practices are essential for the ongoing security of your business and the products you develop. Software development and security are not separate entities; if appropriate security measures are not developed alongside your software the consequences can be catastrophic.

The goal of Nexor’s secure development assessment

 Nexor’s Secure Development Practices assessment is one of our CyberShield Secure services. It is part of our methodology that exists to ensure that your development processes and security considerations go hand in hand.

Whether your business is building market-leading capability or enabling a new process, Nexor’s assessment will help you make sure that your new software is not opening the organisation or its customers up to new risks. In the modern age, cyber-attacks can lead to legal sanctions and reputational damage, not to mention severe difficulties in running a profitable business.

Nexor’s assessment process

All of Nexor’s consultants are experts in the processes associated with designing and writing secure software. We have the practical expertise to understand your organisation’s current processes and security challenges and make recommendations that will work for you.

During our Secure Development Practices Assessment, Nexor will:

  • Review your software development practices;
  • Provide advice on industry good practice aligned to NCSC guidance;
  • Perform a gap analysis against your chosen good practice framework
  • Provide you with a detailed, management-level report on how to improve your software development security.

While every Secure Development Practices Assessment is different, Nexor will typically run a scoping workshop to begin the process, gather information through interviews with key staff members and review relevant documents.

To deliver the results of the assessment, we will run a findings workshop, create a final written report containing our findings and recommendations and present the report to the relevant stakeholders.

Our process is interactive and fully involved with your business, giving us the time to understand your unique challenges and the solutions that will work for you.

Secure software development

Nexor strongly recommends following NCSC guidance and industry good practice in secure software development. NCSC guidance consists of eight easy to follow principles that can be adapted to suit a wide range of environments; we will help you follow these principles in your own context.

BS 10754-1 and TickITplus are both examples of good practice. In fact, Nexor was the first organisation to be accredited with TickITplus, so we know it well. These practices have different advantages that are detailed further in the datasheet that you can download below.

In our report and findings workshop, Nexor will provide recommendations on how your organisation can conform to industry guidance and good practice, making sure that you are able to apply these principles to your development processes.

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Our audit & assurance service is designed to assess whether your security processes and technologies are working as intended. Our experts can help you to assess the potential threats, impacts and risks that could affect your business. Our experts can assess your need for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and advise on suitable policies and processes for both.  We can assist you with the design of PKI architectures & processes, as well as auditing existing processes to ensure that they meet security objectives.


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