Security Policy & Procedure Creation Services


Cyber security policies define the protocols for protecting a companies information and computers. Policies are a requirement of effective security management and are enacted through a set of supporting procedures.

Security policy creation and definition requires insight into how a business operates and its ways of working.

Policies to protect your information & technology

While many sites offer “free” security policy templates, they need considerable work to fit the business needs. This customisation requires expertise which, in many cases, SMEs do not have available.

To meet this demand, Nexor offers short-term expert support to help organisations develop or update a set of tailored policies and their underlying procedures. This can cover design, documentation and implementation.

Nexor’s Security Policy Creation Services

Our policy & procedure service delivery begins by engaging with senior stakeholders, in order to determine the overall security objectives and define the framework within which the policies will operate. Once these are established, Nexor will engage the wider business through workshops to obtain further details around department-specific security needs.

Nexor will then produce or update the security policy documentation set, tailored specifically to meet the objectives and needs of your business.

Nexor’s CyberShield Secure methodology

Nexor’s Security Policy and Procedure Creation Service is one part of our wider CyberShield Secure services. CyberShield Secure is the methodology that underpins all our consulting work, designed to ensure that your security solutions work alongside your organisational and commercial requirements with measurable successful outcomes.

Our credentials

Nexor is a specialist secure information exchange SME with a 30-year track record of successfully delivering cyber security solutions across both public and private sectors. With expertise in securing information and a history of writing and developing security policies and procedures, Nexor is ideally placed to help your organisation effectively manage its security.

We are fully certified to relevant quality standards, including ISO9001 and ISO27001. Our CyberShield Secure methodology ensures that all objectives are defined, successful outcomes are measurable and that your business objectives are at the heart of any solutions we introduce.

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Our Security Management Services

Supply Chain Security Management

Governance, Compliance & Reporting 

We can help your organisation to better understand your supply chain security, learn how to manage your supply chain security & help you to gain your desired cybersecurity accreditation. We can help your business to establish and maintain a robust framework through responsible management of information risk and programme resources.


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