PKI Health Checks, Architecture & Assurance Services

Nexor offers PKI health check services to keep businesses protected against serious security threats. Public Key Infrastructure is a complex area that relies on both technology and processes. We can audit your PKI implementation through our audits and advise on processes and architecture improvements to help keep your business secure.

What is PKI?

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a framework for encryption technology to help protect electronic communications between the two parties. It enables both parties to securely exchange data over the internet. One example of this is an SSL certificate, which identifies the website you are attempting to connect to and ensures that your connection is private.

Why does my business need PKI Health Checks?

Due to the ever-evolving nature of cyber security threats, regular PKI health checks are essential for any organisation. If you fail to maintain or update your organisation’s PKI policies, it can result in serious security vulnerabilities that malicious actors could potentially exploit.

Nexor’s PKI Health Check service

As PKI is complex, relying on sound technology and robust processes, it requires a combination of in-depth technical expertise with a detailed understanding of the risks in order to deal with any issues. Nexor’s team of experts have unique expertise in this area, which can be traced back to the 1990s when we managed PKI interoperability research projects. Fast forward to the present day and we audit many of the UK’s major PKI systems.

Our consultants can assist you with the design of PKI architectures & processes, as well as auditing existing processes to ensure that they meet security objectives. We can conduct a compliance gap analysis against the PKI standards applicable to your organisation – for example, eIADS, UK Digital Signature Legislation, tScheme, ETSI, BACS and CAB Forum.

Key features

  • Security Management System
  • Certification Authority Processes
  • Key Generation Processes
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management
  • Registration Processes
  • Revocation Mechanisms
  • Management of Security Hardware


Key deliverables

We will provide you with a report which details an assessment of the present effectiveness of your company’s PKI security. If we find any areas of concern, we will highlight these and provide actionable recommendations. This will enable you to address the issues in a timely fashion, therefore reducing the risk of a security breach.

Nexor’s consultancy services are underpinned by our CyberShield Secure® agile methodology. This methodology aligns with BS EN 11614 to ensure objectives are defined, successful outcomes are measurable and keep a business’s digital transformation objectives at the heart of any solutions we implement.

To find out more about our PKI health check services, please get in touch with our team.

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Our audit & assurance service is designed to assess whether your security processes and technologies are working as intended. Our experts can help you to assess the potential threats, impacts and risks that could affect your business. Our experts can assess your need for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and advise on suitable policies and processes for both. Nexor’s assessment will help you make sure that your new software is not opening the organisation or its customers up to new risks.


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