Nexor Health check

Make sure that your solutions are performing as intended

Nexor offers an optional health check service to customers whose cyber security solutions have been in place for a number of years.

One of our product specialists will visit your site to assess the performance of your solution. We will then produce a report detailing the checks that we have carried out, issues that were identified and any recommended actions.

Nexor’s Health Check process

Our Health Checks are carried out in person by one of our product specialists. As part of the service, they may perform the following tasks:

  • A physical examination of hardware;
  • Tests to check the connectivity of the device;
  • Installing any required hardware upgrades;
  • Checking the available disk space of the server;
  • Taking a back-up of the configuration;
  • Checking standard functionality;
  • Checking the patch level of the software;
  • Verifying administration tasks have been successfully undertaken;
  • Inspecting the log data for any faults or issues.

Each of the above activities is designed to test the current performance of your solutions, identify any potential issues and ensure that they are still meeting their objectives. A Health Check usually takes a day per system, with the report usually finalised within 3-5 working days.

What are you checking?

The overall objective of Nexor’s Health Check is to make sure that solutions that have been in service for several years are still keeping your organisation secure. There are three primary questions we ask to measure its current success:

  • Is the product meeting its defined objectives?
  • Is the product still performing effectively?
  • Have the correct security updates been applied?

Using these three questions, we can assess if the product is still doing what it was designed to do, if it is still performing those tasks at the required level and if there are any vulnerabilities caused by outdated software. The various tasks mentioned in the previous section are our means of answering these questions.

Why is a Health Check important?

Threats to an organisation’s security evolve over time as technology and organisational needs change. While we always design our solutions to last for as long as possible, it is crucial that they are reevaluated at a later point to check that they are still performing as expected.

A solution’s performance can also be affected by factors such as the correct updates being applied at the right time or the condition of the hardware itself. With several different variables all having the potential to affect the solution’s efficacy, it cannot be assumed that the product is doing what it has always done.

The Health Check is Nexor’s way of making sure that your organisation stays secure. It is far better to be proactive and ensure that the solution always runs smoothly than to wait for something to change.

What happens next?

Nexor will work with you to make sure that any identified issues are resolved quickly. Steps that you can carry out will be detailed in our report and we will raise any other actions with the Nexor Support Desk. Our aim is to get the device back to maximum efficiency as soon as we can.

To organise your Nexor Health Check, get in touch with our team today.

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