Information Exchange Requirement Service (IERS)

Assessing your organisation’s information exchange needs

Any organisation sharing data between networks will have specific information exchange requirements. A robust information handling policy is essential to enable information exchanges that are not currently permitted, thus driving business efficiency.

Nexor’s Information Exchange Requirement Service (IERS) is designed to assess and improve your organisation’s information exchange processes. Its outcome is an actionable report highlighting vulnerabilities and our recommended mitigations. The overarching goal is to ensure that your information exchange processes do not put your business at risk.

Why do information exchange requirements need to be assessed?

Information exchange is often severely limited or not permitted in high assurance environments. It is common for separate networks to be isolated in an attempt to prevent sensitive data leaks or malicious attacks. Such an approach can hamper business efficiency as it limits communication and information sharing.

Nexor’s approach to information exchange takes into account both security and business concerns. The objective of our IERS is to assess the information exchange risks and challenges your organisation faces and recommend steps to mitigate them. Our suggested actions will always take into account your information security and the operational requirements of the organisation. The end result will drive business efficiency through better information exchange without compromising security.

Nexor’s IERS process

Nexor’s Information Exchange Requirements Service helps your organisation put an information handling policy in place and make technological improvements where necessary. Our expert cyber security consultants will assess your current information exchange needs, identify where you can improve and advise you on the changes you can make to your policy and technology. Our guidance will be actionable and any suggestions will be prioritised according to their impact on your core business aims.

Every IERS is tailored to the customer, but some of the common elements include:

  • Looking at the business context of your information exchange, including objectives, timescales, drivers and constraints;
  • A detailed analysis of the information exchanged both internally and externally;
  • Analysis of all systems and servers involved in information delivery;
  • Identifying details including ownership, connectivity, bandwidth, interfaces, governing policies and Information Assurance considerations;
  • A final report that provides a comprehensive overview of your current information exchange situation and a detailed roadmap that enables you to make the best policy and technology choices.

Our CyberShield Secure methodology

Nexor’s IERS is one of our wider CyberShield Secure services. CyberShield Secure is a methodology that underpins all of our work. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that your security solutions work alongside – not against – your organisational and commercial requirements to deliver success by any measure.

Our Information Exchange Requirements Service is part of the early stages of the full CyberShield process, during which we assess the needs of your organisation. The latter stages of the process include creating a detailed plan for security improvements, executing any required actions (including the installation of bespoke solutions) and ongoing management to ensure that the actions have had the required effect.

Nexor’s credentials

There is no requirement for Nexor’s IERS to work with us beyond the initial report, but we are an experienced cyber security service provider with a history of taking on challenging information exchange projects. We specialise in cross-domain solutions for high assurance environments and have developed our own security architecture that forms the basis of bespoke solutions.

We are fully certified to relevant quality standards, including ISO9001, TickITplus and ISO27001. Our CyberShield Secure methodology ensures that all objectives are defined, successful outcomes are measurable and that your business objectives are at the heart of any solutions we introduce.

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