Cyber Security Governance, Compliance and Reporting Services


Every organisation should ensure that its information security strategy is aligned with its business goals and objectives. Doing this effectively requires the implementation of a robust information security governance framework with appropriate supporting processes.

Helping you maintain a robust governance framework

Nexor’s expert consultants recognise that governance, compliance and reporting are integral components of cyber security management. They can help your business to establish and maintain a robust framework through responsible management of information risk and programme resources.

Nexor’s Governance, Compliance and Reporting services

Nexor offers a range of governance, compliance and reporting services. These include:

  • Analysis of governance and compliance reports to assess your cyber security posture
  • Patch and vulnerability management
  • Creation of terms of reference for security working groups and information security boards
  • Chairing your security working groups and information security boards
  • Bespoke security and data protection awareness and training briefings.

Our CyberShield Secure methodology

Nexor’s Cyber Security Governance, Compliance and Reporting services are part of our wider CyberShield Secure approach. Our CyberShield Secure methodology is the foundation of all of Nexor’s cyber security consultancy. Its primary aim is to ensure that your security solutions and your organisational requirements can work together, along with a long-term commitment to monitor and measure the success of any security strategy.

If you are interested in finding out more about your Nexor’s governance, compliance and reporting services could benefit your organisation, contact us today.



Our Security Management Services

Supply Chain Security Management

Policy & Procedure Creation

We can help your organisation to better understand your supply chain security, learn how to manage your supply chain security & help you to gain your desired cybersecurity accreditation. Nexor offers short-term expert support to help organisations develop or update a set of tailored policies and their underlying procedures.


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