Office 365 Security Assessment

Nexor’s Office 365 security assessment service is tailor-made for cloud-based activity, taking into account the indispensability of remote work to modern businesses. If your business makes use of Office 365, we can make sure that you are not opening the business up to new cyber security threats.

Whether employees are working from home due to necessity or by choice, it is important to put security measures in place. The potential risks are compounded when employees are using Office 365 to access sensitive data.

If your employees need to access Company Confidential, Commercial-in-Confidence, OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL SENSITIVE files with Office 365, then our security assessment service is for you.

Working with Nexor

Nexor is a specialist secure information exchange business, with experience operating in a variety of sensitive environments. Our Office 365 security assessment service came about as part of our research into ensuring that our own employees can work from home safely, so our service includes nothing less than the security we expect for our own business.

Our cyber security specialists have researched and gathered all of the best practice guidelines for the secure configuration of Office 365, enabling it to meet the requirements of an OFFICIAL SENSITIVE environment. We draw on our extensive experience with facilitating secure remote working in the Defence sector to deliver the highest quality security assessments for your business.

Given that OFFICIAL SENSITIVE adapts to the needs of the information owner, a definitive standard is not possible for a cloud-based environment. Therefore Nexor has drawn upon our own proprietary methodologies and cyber security experience to create a secure cloud environment that can be adapted to meet most OFFICIAL SENSITIVE NEEDS.

Nexor’s Office 365 security assessment process

Our Office 365 security assessment service is a part of our wider cyber security assessment capabilities and follows a similar pattern.

The initial risk assessment will be carried out by one of our expert consultants to understand the threat potential facing your business and the risk associated with the assets that your business holds. Based on the findings of this initial assessment, they will first provide a security improvement report. Following the report, they will agree with you what to implement and configure the environment to protect your data if you do not have the skills to do so in-house.

Depending on the size of the company, the assessment phase is likely to take between 3 and 5 days to complete.

One of our CyberShield Secure services

All of Nexor’s consultancy services are underpinned by our CyberShield Secure agile methodology. The key components of this approach are to ensure that goals are clearly defined, that the outcome of the service is measurable and that your wider business objectives are the heart of any solution.

Get in touch today to start a conversation with one of our expert consultants. Nexor is able to carry out the full Office 365 security assessment remotely to avoid any concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Download our Office 365 Security Assessment Datasheet

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Download our Office 365 Security Assessment Datasheet


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