Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Microsoft 365 security is vital for the ongoing protection of businesses that have transitioned to increased or total remote working. Nexor’s Microsoft 365 security assessment reviews the setup of your computer system, with a particular focus on the security of sensitive documents that your staff need to access.

While the current seismic shift towards remote working in the UK may only be temporary, three things make it essential that businesses ensure the security of their systems and data.

  1. We don’t know how long remote working will be enforced. In the absence of clarity, UK businesses must prioritise security. An attack could happen to any business at any time and decision makers must consider the long-term health of their organisation.
  2. Most businesses were not set up for widespread remote work. Although remote working was becoming more common before the lockdown, the majority of businesses did not have systems and processes in place to keep data secure with all employees working from home.
  3. Remote working is here to stay. Though many of us are looking forward to returning to the office, many people are predicting a noticeable rise in remote working following the pandemic, which means that getting your systems right now will protect you in the future.

Remote working security assessments

We also offer an Office 365 security assessment that focuses specifically on the security of information accessed through Microsoft Office 365. Our Microsoft 365 assessment takes the wider system into account, including elements of your cloud setup and your employees’ devices.

Microsoft 365 security considerations

Nexor’s Microsoft 365 security assessment looks at your computer system in its entirety. Our aim is to ensure that your setup is as secure as it can be and that your employees have the knowledge they need to use your system in a secure way. Some of elements we investigate include:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Intune
  • Threat Protection
  • Windows 10 end user devices
  • Secure communication
  • System monitoring
  • Security policies
  • Identity configuration

Nexor’s security assessment methodology

Nexor’s multi-stage security assessment approach has been adapted to full remote working, allowing us to work with you and make bespoke recommendations remotely. All of our assessments contain the following steps:

  1. Baseline assessment. Before going further, our consultants will speak to you to understand your business requirements, operational context, and how we can measure success.
  2. Objectives. We will identify your business’s security objectives and understand how these can be balanced with your wider business objectives.
  3. Plan. We will agree a full plan for how we will deliver our consultancy to you.
  4. Execute. We will carry out the plan that we have agreed upon.
  5. Report. We will deliver a full report detailing the outcomes of our assessment, identifying risks, and making recommendations for ongoing security management.
  6. Manage. We will set out a review schedule to ensure that our recommendations are adhered to. We can support you with implementation as part of our wider cyber security offering.

Why Nexor?

Nexor is a secure information exchange specialist SME, with experienced security consultants who are used to operating within sensitive environments. Microsoft 365 security assessment service emerged from our research into best practices to enable our own employees to work from home securely during the lockdown.

We have gathered all of the research and insights we could find to create a bespoke Microsoft 365 configuration that we deem appropriate for an OFFICIAL SENSITIVE environment. Each customer’s setup will be tailored to the needs of their business.

There are no official standards in place for OFFICIAL SENSITIVE information within a Microsoft 365 environment, so we have applied our knowledge of secure remote working in the defence sector to a business context, allowing us to work with other businesses and help them to gain confidence in their own security.

Our Microsoft 365 security assessment is one of our CyberShield Secure services: a collection of cyber security services underpinned by a focus on both business and security objectives.

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