Cyber Security Assessment

Focused on the Identify and Protect elements of the NIST Cyber Security Framework


Cyber security assessments require a range of security assessment tools and techniques to determine the security posture of an organisation. The assessment should take into account the threats facing an organisation and its ability to respond to them.

Nexor’s consultants will provide a bespoke cyber security assessment service tailored to the needs of your organisation. Leading from the assessment, we will also provide mitigation advice and develop security improvement plans to help you move forward.

Our cyber security assessment examples

Cyber security assessments should not look the same for different companies. They must be adapted to each business’s goals, processes and risks. We will tailor our security assessment to the specific needs of the organisation. Examples include:

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Microsoft 365 security is vital for the ongoing protection of businesses that have transitioned to increased or total remote working. Nexor’s Microsoft 365 security assessment reviews the setup of your computer system, with a particular focus on the security of sensitive documents that your staff need to access.

Office 365 Security Assessment

If your employees are working from home and need secured to access Company Confidential, Commercial-in-Confidence, OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL SENSITIVE files with Office 365, then our security assessment service is for you.

Security Audit and Assurance

Nexor’s cyber security audit and assurance service is designed to assess whether your security processes and technologies are working as intended and providing the protection the business requires. This will typically incorporate an assessment against as standard such as Cyber Essentials, UK Government Minimum Cyber Security Standard, Ten Steps to Cyber Security or ISO 27001.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Nexor’s Cyber Threat and Risk Assessments service can help your business understand the specific risks it faces and how to protect against them. 

Secure Development Practices Assessment

Nexor’s Secure Development Practices assessment will help you make sure that your new software is not opening the organisation or its customers up to new risks.

Cyber Security Testing

Nexor can assess your need for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and advise on suitable policies and processes for both. 

Public Key Infrastructure Review

Due to the ever-evolving nature of cyber security threats, regular PKI health checks are essential for any organisation. If you fail to maintain or update your organisation’s PKI policies, it can result in serious security vulnerabilities that malicious actors could potentially exploit.

Benefits of a Nexor security assessment

A Nexor cyber security assessment has two primary benefits. The first is confidence that the full suite of risks facing your business has been considered in a structured assessment. This is important for client and stakeholder confidence, as well as compliance requirements.

The second benefit is more practical. A full security assessment can identify areas in which your organisation needs to improve. Your organisation can then take steps towards those improvements itself or you can continue to work with Nexor to implement security solutions. Our CyberShield Secure® methodology means that we will ensure that any solutions we implement meet both your business and security goals.


Security assessment FAQs

If you’re still uncertain as to whether or not your organisation would benefit from a security assessment, read our answers to commonly asked questions to find out more.

What is a cyber security risk assessment?

According to ISO 27001 – an internationally recognised cyber security standard – a cyber security security risk assessment is the “overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation,”

What is the purpose of a security risk assessment?

Every organisation faces threats to its security that have the potential to keep it from meeting successful business outcomes. A full cyber security risk assessment will give you the confidence that the full suite of risks that your business faces has been considered and could help your organisation take steps to mitigate them.

How do you carry out security assessments?

Any effective risk assessment requires the experience and expertise to choose an appropriate baseline for assessment. The baseline is usually one of a set of widely recognised industry standards, including Cyber Essentials, NCSC’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security, NIST Cyber Security Framework, NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework and ISO 27001.

A suitable assessment methodology then needs to be chosen alongside the framework. For example, you may choose to carry out a gap assessment against the baseline, looking for areas in which your organisation needs to improve. Alternatively, you might use an existing methodology, like the ISO 27005 methodology, to carry out a risk assessment.

Nexor’s security consultants have years of experience that enable them to choose the correct framework and methodology for a security assessment. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.


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