Cyber Resilience as a Managed Service (CRaaMS)

Attain the cyber resilience and accreditations necessary to maintain a position in HMG’s £264 billion supply chain.

Nexor offers cyber resilience as a managed service, providing necessary board-level security management services, without the need of a full-time member of staff to fill the role.

What is Nexor’s Cyber Resilience Service?

Cyber resilience as a managed service (CRaaMS) is a cost-effective approach to gaining invaluable advice on matters of security, with guidance and support available to help you attain relevant industry accreditations. Our cyber security experts will be on hand to help with any security questions or concerns, whenever you may need.

This service will be bespoke to your company, as it is a subscription-based service which can be tailored according to your business needs. Utilising this service will allow you to:

  • Provide the board with an evidence-based approach to assessing the status of the security of their business;
  • Enable the business to react effectively to changes in security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk;
  • Ensure future security expenditure is focused on the priority areas, and business is justified.


Who needs Nexor’s Cyber Resilience service?

Our cyber resilience service may be beneficial to you, if you are:

  • A Board member responsible for cyber security with no resource/requirement for full time resource.
  • A Sales Director who needs to meet specific security standards to be able to bid for specific contracts.
  • A Business Manager responsible for IT, but don’t have security expertise.
  • An IT Manager responsible for cyber security, but you have no resource or in-house skill expertise in security.

If you are required to sell into defence, you will need to meet certain security standards, such as CE, CE+ or ISO 27001. However, we understand that a CISO is not a full time job, so we have created a tailored service to help you if and when you need advice.


Why might you need this service?

If you are responsible for managing a large amount of data for your business, it’s important to understand how to secure these files and manage your data effectively. Our expert consultants can help you to secure critical files and prevent any external threats from gaining access to this data.

Companies with a complex department structure or multiple office locations need to ensure that their data is secure when transferring between teams or locations. We can offer impartial advice about the security systems you have in place, and help to organise your IT architecture.

If your industry requires multiple regulations and accreditations, it can highlight the importance and value of your data, making you a potential target for cyber attacks. Our team can offer advice on how to identify potential threats and build high assurance products to protect your data.


Risk Assessment Methodology

At the heart of our CRaaMS offering is a continuous information security risk assessment methodology based on ISO 27005. We will:

  • Understand your business and security context and objectives
  • Conduct a risk/threat/vulnerability assessment
  • Develop and implement a security improvement plan

We can deliver our service either on-site, or remotely if preferred. This can be arranged through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other tool of your preference. If you are interested in our cyber resilience service, please get in touch with our team.

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