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Nexor’s consultants are subject matter experts at the forefront of cyber security research, specialising in secure information exchange solutions. They regularly undertake funded research projects to create innovative solutions to secure information exchange challenges. This means that our cyber security solutions are developed out of applied research at the forefront of the field. Our customers get the best technology and insights from the people who created them.

How does applied research benefit our clients?

Working with a company at the forefront of cyber security research means that you will have access to the most up to date solutions to security problems. Our consultants are committed to developing technology that means the organisations we work with are protected by solutions that do not restrict their operations.

Nexor’s CyberShield Secure® methodology holds that business goals and security goals are equally important; achieving one should not prevent the realisation of the other. Our applied research means that we are able to tackle the most challenging problems, even if no solution exists before we start work.

Technology Demonstrators

A technical demonstration, or tech demo, is a one-off show of capability to a customer. A demonstrator is a tool that is left with the customer so they can test it themselves. Nexor can provide you with a skilled team to define and build your demonstrator, either working as a sole contractor, or as part of a cross-industry consortium.

Examples of where our cyber security research has made a difference

Since our formation in 1989, we have been creating innovative new solutions for organisations that need specific solutions. Read through some of our case studies to see the kind of work that our applied research has made possible.

Nexor’s research posters

With our heritage in research we continue to innovate and apply this approach to creating solutions for our customers in defence, government and critical national infrastructure organisations. Here are some examples of the posters that have been created as part of our research. Just choose the one that interests you and download with one click.

View our research posters

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