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Effective risk management

The primary objective of a Nexor solution is to manage a customer’s security risk. Our CyberShield Secure services are specifically designed to help customers understand the risks they face, then design and implement an appropriate solution.

When a solution is deployed in a customer’s environment, they need to be certain risks are effectively managed and understood. In the public sector and defence sector, this certainty can be provided through a process known as accreditation. This is where evidence is provided to a 3rd party (the accreditor) to demonstrate that all identified risks have been managed.

This term is not always recognised outside of the public sector, as the accreditation process for the private sector often forms part of internal solution acceptance testing.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Assurance / Certification
  • Security Testing
  • Operating Procedures
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Documentation
  • Governance
  • Residual Risk management

Altogether, this information gives assurance that the solution will be effective in managing the identified risks.

Nexor’s accreditation service

Nexor’s consultants can support customers by providing our expertise throughout this process. Our Accreditation Service is specifically tailored to each customer’s business needs to complement internal skills and resource availability. This can include:

  • Threat & Vulnerability assessments to feed into a Risk Assessment;
  • Solution Design;
  • Solution Deployment and Testing;
  • Writing Operating Procedures;
  • Accreditation Documentation;
  • Residual Risk identification;
  • Engagement with the accreditors.

If you fully engage Nexor’s Cyber Shield Secure services in a project, including risk assessment, solution architecture, design and deployment, we will guarantee the solution gains accreditation for public sector use.

For more information on our accreditation service, you can contact our team on 0115 952 0500 or you can email us at:



Our Security Solutions

Health Check

Technology Integration Service

Nexor offers an optional health check service to customers whose cyber security solutions have been in place for a number of years. Nexor offers a comprehensive Technology Integration service which can design, build, deploy and manage a secure information exchange solution


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