CyberShield Secure Methodology

Ensures business digital transformation objectives are at the heart of solutions


Nexor’s CyberShield Secure methodology underpins all of the work we undertake. It exists to ensure that a business’s digital transformation objectives are at the heart of any solutions we implement. Our goal is not only to make your business more secure, but to do so with a balance of process, education and technology that will achieve successful outcomes by any measurement.

Nexor’s security methodology is agile, designed to place the customer and their business at the centre of our projects. It closely follows ISO 27001 practices that ensure objectives are defined and the successful outcomes are measurable, focusing on the entirety of the business processes that need to be secure. A typical engagement will include the following:

  • A baseline assessment to understand the exact business requirements, their operational context, and to determine the measure of success
  • Identification of the resources and controls required to address the security concerns, while ensuring that the business objectives will still be met
  • An agreed plan of action. Our plan may involve a combination of consulting, via CyberShield Secure Services, or technology delivery
  • Execution of the plan using CyberShield Secure Services, SIXA Technologies and/or partner products where appropriate
  • A final report summarising outcomes and making recommendations for ongoing continual improvement and ongoing solution management.

Solutions built using the CyberShield Secure methodology are covered by the Nexor Guarantee.


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