CyberShield Secure

Service oriented approach to providing customers with protection from advanced threat actors

CyberShield Secure is Nexor’s answer to the fine balance needed between good cyber security and business operations. As identified in The benefits of being a cyber-ready business, businesses considered to be ‘cyber-ready’ consistently outperformed other organisations in six key areas:

  • Focus on innovation
  • Customer-centricity
  • Ability to deal with business risks
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Digital advantages
  • Efficiency and processes

These findings demonstrate the close link between cyber security and business success, based on industry-wide best practice for secure engineering. CyberShield Secure is a methodology – a way of implementing security solutions – designed to ensure that when you work with Nexor your business goals are considered, alongside your security needs.

Nexor’s CyberShield Secure methodology recognises the need to balance assurance, risk reduction and other processes, with the usability, performance and cost of your systems. We will not suggest any solutions that would work against the success of your organisation.

CyberShield Secure is the way we approach achieving this balance to meet your business and security outcomes. It is the core of everything we do, underpinning our:

  • consulting projects
  • solutions
  • and technology development

Our approach consists of a methodology, and a set of services aligned to the NIST Cyber Security framework, enabling us to deliver trustworthy solutions in the most demanding defence, security and infrastructure environments.

Contact Nexor today to speak to one of our security specialists. We will discuss how our methodology can help your organisation to stay secure, without compromising your operational requirements.



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