What is Content, Disarm and Reconstruction? 

Content, Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is the act of scanning and removing potentially malicious code from files. It is most often used within your email inbox, to ensure that any files you receive are safe to open.

This technology cannot detect the functionality of the malware, but it can remove all the file components which aren’t approved by a system policy. CDR prevents threats from entering a network perimeter, protecting channels such as email and web browsers, all the way up to file servers and endpoints. 


Why Should You Use CDR Software?

The stricter regulation and compliance of content security is becoming more and more expected by regulatory bodies and governments, with the introduction of GDPR to help tackle ongoing security leaks of sensitive personal information.

CDR ensures that the content of the file is still maintained, with the potentially malicious threat removed from the file. It eradicates the need to completely delete the file, saving time and money. It will help your company to proactively look for the good, instead of reactively look for the bad.

Peraton – PuriFile CDR Software

Peraton have created their ‘PuriFile’ software, which is recognised as the first DLP and CDR product mandated for use by members of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The tagline for PuriFile is “Open Without Fear”, as the software does all the work for you, meaning that you can confidently open files without worrying about malware. The software provides a deep content inspection, is able to identify risks and will sanitise any compromised data. You will be confident in collaborating across email, will trust online transactions and therefore be assured of business continuity. 

A Trusted Collaboration

PuriFile seamlessly integrates with industry-leading security tools, including Nexor’s products, and is easily scalable to suit individual needs. There’s no need to worry about efficiency, as it doesn’t slow down vital business transactions and instead enables a constant business flow. It quickly analyses the files, removes the malware and safely transmits the cleansed data. 

This is completed on unknown or undetected “zero day” vulnerabilities, which have the potential to be exploited by cyber criminals, and those without official patches.

Nexor would highly recommend PuriFile, as Peraton are forerunners within this sector, operating above and beyond their competitors. 

Here are some key features:

  1. PuriFile removes more malicious threats than any other commercially available solo email gateway.
  2. It finds and cleanses more than 95 percent of malicious content, which cannot otherwise be detected for business operations that never shut down.
  3. When paired with third party antivirus solutions (such as Sophos), PuriFile increased the ability to detect and remove threats by 45 percent.
  4. The software is constantly evolving with enhancements, such as:
    • Analysing Microsoft Office files
    • Analysing Adobe files
    • Analysing image files
    • Automated directory scanning and cleansing
    • Customised workflow for batch scanning and cleansing operations.

If you need any more information as to how CDR software could help your business, get in touch with our team.



Author Bio - Natalie Wilding

Natalie WildingNatalie Wilding is Nexor’s Product Manager. She brings a wealth of experience through different industries to Nexor, including her passion for Agile development, which she has gained through her previous roles as an Agile Scrum Master and Agile Product Owner.