Christmas Card Competition

December 2014

A slight variation on the normal information security theme as we approach Christmas.

At Nexor we have a tradition of a Christmas card competition for all the young Nexor children. They are invited to design a Christmas card and the theme this year was “Christmas animals“.

We had some fantastic entries – see below. Our winner was from Grace (aged 11), daughter of our Compliance Manager. In lieu of sending out postal cards we will be making a donation to our chosen charity “Help for Heroes”.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Grace - age 11

Grace – age 11

Chloe - age 10

Chloe – age 10

Elise - age 7

Elise – age 7

Ewan - age 4

Ewan – age 4

Jenson - age 9

Jenson – age 9



Lara - age 9

Lara – age 9

Piper - age 5

Piper – age 5

Lucy - age 12

Lucy – age 12


Author Bio - Kevin Spencer

Kevin SpencerKevin Spencer was the Marketing Communications Manager at Nexor. He helped spread the message about how Nexor can help deliver trusted secure information solutions to governments, defence and critical national infrastructure organisations around the globe.


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