Continuous improvement with re-certification of Cyber Essentials

July 2017

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Cyber Essentials certification, as part of our continuous improvement in delivering trusted information exchange solutions.

Cyber Essentials certificationCyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme for organisations to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary basic precautions to protect themselves against the risks of operating online.

Nexor has been fully supportive of the Cyber Essentials Scheme since its launch in 2014, and was in the first batch of organisations to be certified to the Scheme, making us the longest holders of Cyber Essentials.

In January 2016, the scheme took a major step forward when the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced that all suppliers must obtain Cyber Essentials to be able to undertake certain contracts.

Irene Dovey, Head of Business Improvement at Nexor, comments:

“Although we are an SME, we are frequently at the forefront of our sector in continuously improving our approach and service delivery. At Nexor, we value the importance of continuous improvement, with the Cyber Essentials Scheme showing our commitment to Information Security Management as a supplier for UK Government and Defence organisations.

Further details on the Cyber Essentials Scheme are available from the official website.

Cyber Essentials is just one of a number of certifications we hold. We regularly validate our position by allowing external parties to verify our approach to delivering trusted solutions to our customers.

Have a look at all of our accreditations.

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