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Discussing issues affecting secure information exchange

In this blog, we aim to discuss cyber security issues relating to exchanging information securely and clear up any queries you may have around specific areas.

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DNS Tunnelling

A recent project at Nexor required us to look at the challenges of providing access to the DNS from a secure environment. It reminded me of the issues related to DNS tunnelling.

More on Air Gaps

While Air-Gaps are a good conceptual solution, in practice beyond Schneier’s single PC example, they are very hard to achieve. There is nearly always a backdoor to be found somewhere that an attacker can exploit.

Non-Routable Protocols and Networks

Network segregation is a common security technique to prevent security issues in one network affecting another. When looking at how information can be moved or shared between such networks the concept of routable protocols, and the opposite non-routable protocols are often used.

Lean Services

Lean Services is a buzz phrase I have been increasingly hearing in secure information exchange circles recently. But what is actually meant by Lean Services?

Building an Information Exchange Gateway

In my last blog post I looked at what Information Exchange Gateways (IEGs) were and why they were so popular at the moment. In this post I will look at how you go about putting together a solution to solve the problem.

Browse Down

Over the last year or so, our customers in high assurance environments have been very interested in the concept of “Browse Down”. What does Browse Down mean?


Why AWS wasn’t the real point of failure

So, Amazon Web Services went AWOL this week, leaving many websites inoperable. But AWS didn’t fail – the real failure for these organisations was having a single point of failure.

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