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Discussing issues affecting secure information exchange

In this blog, we aim to discuss cyber security issues relating to exchanging information securely and clear up any queries you may have around specific areas.

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Why email guards can help prevent data breaches

In recent times we have once again seen media reports of how military data has been released unintentionally into the public domain. In this post I will be looking at how an email guard might have saved the blushes of the armed forces in question.

How PAC-MAN shows the importance of secure coding

Writing code to meet security requirements, so that the end product can withstand various kinds of malicious attack can be very complicated. It is also hard to explain to a non-technical crowd but PAC-MAN can help show the importance of secure code.

All change for the Nexor website

As we have just launched a major website upgrade to improve the visitor experience, we thought it would be fun to look back at previous incarnations of over the last 25 years.

DNS Tunnelling

A recent project at Nexor required us to look at the challenges of providing access to the DNS from a secure environment. It reminded me of the issues related to DNS tunnelling.


Alice and Bob at CYBERUK 2017

Our animated characters Alice and Bob take a look back at the CYBERUK 2017 event in Liverpool – the “UK Government’s biggest and most influential IA and Cyber Security event to date”.

Why AWS wasn’t the real point of failure

So, Amazon Web Services went AWOL this week, leaving many websites inoperable. But AWS didn’t fail – the real failure for these organisations was having a single point of failure.

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