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Secure Information Exchange iconNexor’s roots in developing innovative technology solutions were established in the late 1980s when the business was spun out of a communications research programme at the University of Nottingham and University College, London.

A pedigree in messaging

Our technology brought a new paradigm in functionality and interoperability to open systems messaging. Consequentially Nexor products were adopted around the globe in several significant mission critical communications projects. For example, the European Central Bank and the Member National banks relied on our products to affect monetary union in 2000.

Similarly, Nexor provided the reference platform for the US DoD Defence Messaging System, and thereby established our technology as the benchmark in the COTS military messaging space. Since then, Nexor’s secure messaging technology has been deployed throughout the “Five Eyes” and NATO communities.

Developing world-class secure information exchange capability

From this foundation in high grade security applications, we have focussed our capability on secure information exchange and cross domain applications in the government, defence and critical national infrastructure sector. As of today, several hundred guards and gateways based on our technology have been deployed throughout the allied defence and security community.

Doing things properly

However, we recognise that assisting our customers to maintain a range of effective defences against persistent and evolving threat profiles requires more than just a commitment to our technology roadmap.

Nexor has therefore implemented a rigorous, and externally audited, continuous improvement programme that encompasses both skills and processes. Our external auditors continue to confirm that Nexor operates as a world-class capability.

This combination of people, technology and process ensures that our customers’ investment in our solution set delivers effective mitigation against the cyber-threat and excellent value for money.

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