STANAG - NATO Standards

The STANAG standards are published by NATO to provide common military or technical procedures for NATO members.

Some are publicly available in NATO's online library. They provide many of the standards used in Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS) X/OPEN (published by The Open Group to promote global interoperability) as well as some of the standards used in MMHS.

STANAG 4406 v2 is the Military Message Handling System (P772)

Edition 1

STANAG 4406 Edition 1
Edition 2 STANAG 4406 Edition 2
Main Body STANAG 4406 Military Message Handling System Main Body
Annex A MMHS Extensions
Annex B Interoperability of Secure MMHS
Annex C Alpha Profiles Set
Annex D ACP127 Gateway
Annex E MMHS Tactical Protocol and Profile
Annex F Guidelines for the use of Messaging Services
Annex G Compatibility with PCT based MMHS Security
Annex H NATO Security Labelling Guidance for MMHS
WP7 Electronic Naming of NATO Information

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