Our trustworthy technology solutions enable people and enterprises to use technology more productively and securely and cover four main capabilities.

Secure Information Exchange iconSecure Information Exchange: Based on our SIXA® technology (Secure Information eXchange Architecture) over the last twenty-five years we have developed a rich portfolio of trustworthy solutions spanning cross-domain solutions, secure messaging, guards, information exchange gateways (IEGs), and industrial control systems.

Trusted Platforms iconTrusted Platforms: Underlying our SIXA® portfolio are a number of Trusted Platforms components. These include our Data Diode, Real Time Logic systems, the use of Trusted Computing Modules, and the development of security extensions to operating systems, as well as the routine use of secure operating systems. Additionally, we have been licensed by the UK Government to market a restricted technology they have developed for the high-assurance government market.

Technology Integration iconTechnology Integration: Nexor is adept at integrating third-party technologies, as well as its own components, to produce small-scale complete systems, or sub-systems within larger projects. Where possible, Nexor makes extensive use of Application Program Interface (API) technology in these projects. This reduces risk, integration effort and support overheads. Many of our solutions in the government sector have required security accreditation at final delivery. Our integration methodology facilities the accreditation process. Nexor has experience of working with security accreditation agencies in the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Software Engineering iconSoftware Engineering: Nexor has developed the CyberShield Secure® Engineering process. This is a methodology for the development of software systems based on current best industrial practice. It also takes into consideration the security, reliability, availability and resilience system requirements, and ensures that the integrity of the product is maintained through both the development and support cycle.

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