We’ve been developing our specialist expertise and innovative technology for over 25 years. Our role is to provide readily tailored contributions to your Security / Information Assurance Programmes, according to your Information Governance Policies. Our mission is to protect your sensitive information in cyberspace.

Everything we do is focused on the enforcement of organisational security policies to an agreed risk appetite. We tailor our contribution to meet the requirements of the end-customer and system integrator, under the banner and methodology of CyberShield Secure™. These needs range from consultancy, in the vital early stages, through to providing solutions and their successful implementation.

We bring our own Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technology components to the table, where appropriate, and combine these with 3rd party products, professional services and our own CyberShield Secure™ Development facility in order to create robust, secure, deployable solutions in three key areas:

  • Interoperability
  • Information Exchange
  • Data Loss Prevention

The CyberShield Secure™ Lifecycle

This CyberShield Secure™ lifecycle approach ensures that security is considered throughout a customer engagement.
From our first engagement with you, we will:
  • Be sensitive to the security level of your project and your facility.
  • Provide you with appropriately cleared staff.
  • Provide appropriate equipment and communications.
  • Design our methods and processes to suit the project.
  • Provide evidence of our policies and processes as required.
  • Brief staff on a need to know basis.
  • Ensure security aspects are fully explained.

During the process

  • We identify the core business processes.
  • We examine the risk of loss of information, process failure and safety.
  • We discover the level of ‘risk appetite'.
  • We assess the threat actors and how they may try to influence or access a system.
  • We cover both network based and content based attacks.
  • We focus on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in motion.
  • We investigate whether there’s a possibility of something being done, beyond the anticipated business process (either accidentally or deliberately) by an employee or a contractor or a third party engineer (the insider threat.)

The services are delivered by:

  • Expert skills from domain specialists.
  • Members of the Institute of Information Security Professionals.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). 

NEXOR also offers a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment day to ensure businesses are taking the necessary precautions against cyber threats. To find out more please click here.