Nexor Moves to the Cloud with Microsoft’s BPOS

Nexor, a UK-based Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Microsoft Certified Partner, has achieved lower cost, higher security computing power for its business by outsourcing its email and Sharepoint services to Microsoft’s BPOS.

Having run an internal infrastructure for several years, servicing both office-based and remote workers, the cost of maintaining system currency and keeping step with best practices in security had become equally challenging.

The security issue was of particular concern given Nexor provides cyber protection to the defence and security industries. Colin Robbins, CTO, explains: “Our philosophy was that Microsoft has invested millions in creating secure infrastructures for third party use, so Nexor should concentrate on its own business and not waste resources trying to replicate what is already available at lower cost. As a result of outsourcing, we no longer need a VPN for our remote users and we can close up the vulnerable holes in our firewalls that were required for SMTP and Outlook Web Access”.

On the subject of cost, Robbins continues: “We can now run the business with effectively one full time equivalent person, as opposed to two, due to the reduction in support calls and the fact that we no longer have to do any patching, upgrading, back-ups or system monitoring. And, we can move to Office365 at no cost.

“Our remote users benefited greatly from an improved service and no longer feel they are treated like second class citizens. They also like the fact that they don’t have to worry about back-ups and have better, more secure access to data while travelling. Adopting Sharepoint as well has increased on-line collaboration between office and home workers and has greatly improved our knowledge management.”

Having initially been worried that outsourcing would lead to Nexor losing control of its service and being vulnerable in the event of a system outage, Robbins has nothing but praise for Microsoft’s service. To date, there has only been one system outage. Robbins comments: “I take comfort in the fact Microsoft restored the service in a few hours, at no cost to us. Had Nexor been running the service, the chances are the outage would have been considerably longer while we obtained replacement hardware, reinstalled software and restored from backups – all of which would have real costs.”

In conclusion, Robbins offers one key piece of advice to anyone thinking of taking the same route: “The critical part of getting this right is to analyse the business requirements and risks, then obtain the right Service Level Agreement (SLA)”.

Notes to Editor

About Nexor:

Nexor connects, transforms and protects sensitive information in cyberspace. Dedicated to the defence and security industry, Nexor provides an end-to-end capability to manage secure information exchange, enable cross domain interoperability, prevent data loss and promote collaborative working by building solutions to enforce corporate security policies.

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