In the conflicts being addressed in today’s world, most nations have military organisations that are engaged in coalition operations. Combined with the network-enabled capability of today’s military, this means that there is an ever-growing requirement for the secure exchange of information between different nations’ forces.

These organisations operate in a wide range of messaging environments and it is vitally important that these disparate systems can communicate with one another in a secure and timely way in order to ensure that critical sensitive information can be received on time and that it is not compromised in the process.
However, the differing messaging standards mean that a message from one environment cannot always be properly understood by another environment. In theatre, the ability to exchange information accurately and quickly is vitally important, not only to the operation’s efficiency, but with regard to the safety of the personnel involved.

“Examples of the challenge are mapping SMTP messages into an X.400 format or converting a FLOT label to a STANAG 4406 compliant security label

NEXOR’s specialist Gateway technology enables these different messaging environments to work together. It allows the messages to be understood by reformatting the data to conform to the standards required by the inbound messaging environment.
NEXOR Border Gateway has been developed to offer a range of components that can be selectively configured to provide a wide range of technological solutions to meet information exchange needs. These include all the major Internet, ISO and Military information exchange standards.

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NEXOR Sentinel is our high assurance (Common Criteria EAL4+) email guard, which complements our Gateway technology. This enforces strict security policies and performs in depth content checking on both the messages and their attachments, as they pass between domains. This ensures that only security policy–defined content and classifications can be sent out or received, which greatly reduces the risk of sensitive information leakage.

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Secure Messaging Systems

Transferring sensitive information by email in a military environment requires functionality over and above typical interpersonal messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange. Nexor provides a range of messaging solutions that offer higher levels of security for classified email traffic than the standard systems. In particular, we specialise in Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS). This type of system is also used in the intelligence community and may be required for movement of high impact level information elsewhere, such as the financial services and aviation industries.
NEXOR Mailer, is a high-capacity, multi-protocol message server that is both reliable and flexible, with extensive management and security features. It has proved itself in thousands of installations worldwide where sending and receiving messages is critical; the existing infrastructure is complex, and resilience, security and high performance are essential.

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