Military Messaging

In today’s military operations there is an increasing reliance on both coalition partners and network-enabled capability. This combination means that there is an ever-growing requirement for the secure exchange of information between different nations’ forces.

These organisations operate in a wide range of messaging environments and it is vitally important that these disparate systems can communicate with one another in a secure and timely way in order to ensure that critical sensitive information can be received on time and that it is not compromised in the process.

However, the differing messaging standards mean that a message from one environment cannot always be properly understood by another environment. In theatre, the ability to exchange information accurately and quickly is vitally important, not only to the operation’s efficiency, but with regard to the safety of the personnel involved.

Examples of the challenge are mapping SMTP messages into an X.400 format or converting a FLOT label to a STANAG 4406 compliant security label.

To meet these challenges, we developed our Military Messaging Handling System (MMHS) reference architecture to show all of the components needed.

Military Messaging Handling System (MMHS) diagram

Further information can be found in our MMHS requirements white paper and the complentary MMHS reference architecure white paper.

We have a suite of products to implement every element of the MMHS architecture that includes Nexor Border Gateway, Nexor Sentinel, Nexor Centurion, Nexor Vanguard, Clients and Management tools.

To support protocols other than messaging, we have also developed and implemented the Information Exchange Gateway reference architecture.